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A web-based toolbox for crowdsourcing attention data

We present a toolbox of four different user interfaces for collecting crowdsourced attention data, without using eye tracking. These interfaces can be used to approximate eye movements, measure importance of graphic design elements, capture exploration on large-scale visualizations, measure attention over time, and more. The goal of this project is to make human attention data an accessible tool for researchers and creators.

Figure comparing all four interfaces.
Newman, A., McNamara, B., Fosco, C., Zhang, Y.B., Sukhum, P., Tancik, M., Kim, N.W., Bylinskii, Z. TurkEyes: A Web-Based Toolbox for Crowdsourcing Attention Data. In ACM CHI, 2020.

Video presentation

This is the video presentation for our paper at CHI 2020. You can also watch on YouTube.

ZoomMaps icon ZoomMaps

Participants use the pinch-zoom gesture on a mobile phone to explore image content.


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CodeCharts icon CodeCharts

Participants specify where on an image they gazed using a grid of codes that appears after image presentation.


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ImportAnnots icon ImportAnnots

Participants paint over regions of a design they consider important using binary masks.


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BubbleView icon BubbleView

Participants click to deblur/expose small bubble regions on an otherwise blurry image.


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